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When was Gogolistings founded?
Gogolistings.com was recently launched on December 21st 2010. Feel free to give it a try and let all your friends know about gogolistings.
What is gogolistings all about?
Gogolistings is a free website for users to post free classifieds ads,posts business and commercial ads, events, images, buy, sell, trade, list real estate, post apartments for rent, list apartment and houses for sale, post personals, post dating ads, post community classifieds, post anything about society, social networking, find casual encounters, join shag networks, and gogolistings is the home of the $1 featured classified ads and $1 paid classified ads for the adult and premium categories. All paid options are extremely affordable and up to hundreds of times cheaper than other leading classified ads website.
Why do we need gogolistings when there are so many classified ads websites out there?
Gogolistings is designed to be an alternative avenue for posters to increase their exposure and draw in more business and more hits for their classfied ads. It is not meant to replace any existing classified ads websites but an easy and fun addition for sellers, buyers, bargain hunters, free loaders, service providers, real estate agents, mechanics, restaurants, and pretty much everyone else who wants to increase their online presence. Gogolistings recommends everyone to post on as many free classified ads websites as possible to increase traffic to their ads.
How long do the free classified ads run for?
Ads in all categories run for 30 days with the exception of resumes, which runs for 60 days. All free classified ads can be optionally extended and/or featured for up to 1 year.
Which categories are paid premium categories?
All adult categories. These are the only paid premium categories, all other categories are free of charge. All premium postings are only $1.00 for a 30 day ad. Gogolistings reserves the right to change which categories are considered premium categories and modify premium categories charges without notice.
What is a featured ad?
All ads can be optionally featured. Featured plans start at $1.00 and can be featured up to 1 year (365 days). All featured ads show up on the on the top of pages relevent to their locations, highlighted and shown on top in their categories and in search results.
What is an extended ad?
All ads can be optionally extended beyond their 30 day period. Extended period is additional to the 30 included days. Extended ads start at $1.00 and can be extended up to 1 year (365 days). It is beneficial for businesses/commercial posters to utilize the extended ads option.
Do i need to sign up for an account to post an ad or event?
No, it works the same way as other leading classified ads sites like craigslist. Anyone can start posting an ad, after you submit your ad, a verification email will be sent to you, just click on the verification link to activate your ad.
Can I edit or delete my classified ad myself?
Yes, included in the verification email you will find links to edit or delete your ads. Account users can login to manage all their ads.
Why is the account feature used for and do i have to pay for it?
Account signup is 100% free. It is recommended to anyone who posts ads frequently and wants immediately activation of their ads to sign up for an account. Account signup only requires a valid email address and a user selected password. A verification email is sent to the user once right after account signup. Once account is verified, account users can login and start posting. Account users can easily manage all their ads.
How come sometimes it takes a while for ad verification emails to arrive in my mailbox?
Depending on server load and traffic, ad verification emails may be delayed slightly. To avoid verification delays please sign up for a free account so that postings are immediate and without delay. Account users do not have to verify each time they post an ad.
How are payments processed for paid ads and ad options?
All payments are processed through Paypal. You do not need to have a paypal account to pay for your ads. All major credit cards are accepted. Users can login to their paypal account or use any credit card during checkout to pay for their ad options or paid ads
Is it safe to use Paypal for payment?
Gogolistings' Paypal business account is verified. Paypal processes $27 billion of online payments yearly and all your financial transactions are secured. Gogolistings does not keep any financial information on our servers so your personal information is confidential and completely secured.
Why does the payment page shows Gogolistings.com and Myiphoneparts.com?
Gogolistings and Myiphoneparts are owned and operated by the same individual(s) and they share the same paypal verified business account.
Can I get refunded if I decide to end my ads early?
Once a paid ad is posted there is no refund allowed under any circumstances. It is recommended that you choose the featured ad and extended ad options for the desire duration when posting your ads.
Why do I receive a verification email for my paid ads even though I never completed the payment process or canceled the transaction during checkout?
When the user cancels the transaction during checkout for all paid ads in premium categories, the ad will be stored in the database marked as unpaid and can not be activated. It is recommended for the user to either simply delete the incomplete ad and start a new one or alternatively the user can purchase paid ad options using the promote link on the edit page to reactivate their incomplete ad. It is recommended when posting an ad in any paid categories that you complete the checkout process to avoid any activation issues.
How can I check if my ad has posted correctly?
After successfully verifying your email address you can view your ad using the link included in your email. Paid ads should always be verified that they're displaying correctly by clicking on the right most breadcrumb under the Gogolistings's logo(i.e. Home / United States / housing / apts/housing so in this case apt/housing)in the view ad screen. If your paid ad does not show in its posted category you did not successfully complete the checkout process.
Can I choose to promote (feature and/or extend) my ad after it's been posted?
Yes, you can choose to feature and/or extend your ad before it expires. Simply follow the edit link in your verification email or login to your account. In the edit ad page, the "promote your ad" option is located above the ad title on the upper right.
Why did my ad disappear for no reason?
Gogolistings reserves the right to delete or block any ads deemed inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading, illegal, miscategorized, in violation of the terms of use, etc.
Why do I get a warning message when I tried to enter the adult and personals categories?
All categories in the adult and personals require an acknowledgement of the users age before allowed to enter. All users must be 18 years or older to enter these categories. All users who don't meet the requirements must use the back button to go back to the main site. The warning acceptance may be cookied in your browser so you do not need to repeatly accept the warning during your session. Please make sure you clear your cookies if you're using a shared computer with underage users. It is recommended to set your browser to automatically clear all cookies when you close it.
What is the images section(if turned on)on the front page used for?
The images section on the front page is a fun feature for users to showcase their artwork, photos, creative designs or anything fun. These images must be appropriate for all audiences and all images submitted will need administrator approval before they show up on the front page. All inappropriate material will be deleted and the user's ip address may be permanently blocked from gogolistings. The images section is not for advertisements.
How come I can't navigate to my own city or town first when starting a post?
When starting a post you can simply start at the state/province sometimes country level, in the edit page you will be able to select your local city/town/region in a drop down box to fine tune your location. If the city you're in is not included in the dropdown box on the edit page, you can select "others" and manually specify it. This setup makes it quicker and more flexible for posters.
How do I view ads in my own city or town?
Gogolistings is set up so that you may view and search your city/town, state/province, country or the entire world for an item. It is not always limited to one small area. The regions drop down list on the right bar will show all countries and state/provinces in the database. Local locations, regions, cities, towns are shown on the left hand bar and within each category in a drop down box. This makes it extremely easy to navigate and find items in the entire world, country, state/province, and local city locations. It also helps to display your ad to a much wider audience.
Why do features change on the website sometimes?
Gogolistings reserves the right to move, delete, or add features of the website without notice.
Does Gogolistings support subdomain format (i.e boston.gogolistings.com) in the URL?
Yes, the most popular cities and regions have subdomain forwarding setup. It will automatically reroute you to your region. Here is a complete list of countries, states, and cities/towns that have subdomain forwarding setup:us, boston, newyork, birmingham, anchorage, phoenix, littlerock, losangeles, sanfrancisco, denver, hartford, dover, dc, jacksonville, miami, atlanta, honolulu, boise, chicago, indianapolis, desmoines, wichita, louisville, neworleans, augusta, baltimore, detroit, saintpaul, jackson, kansascity, billings, omaha, lasvegas, nh, newark, santafe, charlotte, fargo, cleveland, oklahomacity, portland, philadelphia, providence, southcarolina, siouxfalls, memphis, houston, saltlakecity, burlington, richmond, seattle, charleston, milwaukee, cheyenne, canada, calgary, vancouver, winnipeg, saintjohn, halifax, toronto, montreal, saskatoon, asia, china, beijing, shanghai, hongkong, india, japan, tokyo, taiwan, thailand, bangkok, vietnam, phillipines, singapore, australia, europe, uk, london, spain, russia, italy, greece, germany, munich, france, paris, czech, istanbul.
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