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Friday, 01 June, 2018
Efficient Styrofoam recycling machine of GREENMAX MARS C200 densifier (Los Angeles) GREENMAX MARS C200 densifier is famous for its melting technology. It can crush waste EPS into pieces and then the waste EPS will be melted after heating. Then the melted EPS material will be squeezed out and will be shaped after cooling. At last EPS mate...  $45000.00
Efficient GREENMAX ZEUS C200 middle size EPS surface melting compactor (Los Angeles) GREENMAX ZEUS C200 compactor is a middle size surface melting compactor, the operation is simple and safe. After you put the waste foam into the machine, the crusher can smash the foam into piece, the compressed foam will be shaped by the hot air, like a ...  $50000.00
Efficient Styrofoam recycling machine of GREENMAX APOLO C200 compactor (Los Angeles) GREENMAX APOLO C200 Styrofoam compactor works with cold compressing technology, it can screw the waste foam into small piece and then compress it out. It reduces the foam volume at a ratio of 50:1, the working process is safe and efficient. APOLO serie...  $40000.00
Sunday, 27 May, 2018
GREENMAX APOLO C200 EPS recycling machine (Los Angeles) GREENMAX APOLO C200 is a foam compactor, which could compact large size and lightweight EPS foam. The compacted EPS block is easy to handle or convenient to transport and recycle. GREENMAX APOLO C200 compactor specializes in compressing all kinds of EPS m...  $40000.00